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  • EDLUAR contains the
    #1 prescribed sleep aid -
    zolpidem tartrate1
  • EDLUAR sublingual tablet
    is convenient to take
  • EDLUAR dissolves under
    your tongue without water

Having trouble getting to sleep at night? Counting sheep but not falling asleep? Difficulty falling asleep may be a sign that you have sleep-onset insomnia. EDLUAR (zolpidem tartrate) sublingual tablets is a prescription sleep medicine for short-term use by adults who have trouble falling asleep.

Ask your doctor about a healthy sleep routine, and how EDLUAR sublingual tablets may help you get to sleep. EDLUAR sublingual tablets contain zolpidem tartrate, which has been helping patients get to sleep for over a decade.

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1 Symphony Health - PHAST Monthly Rx Data, Through July, 2015

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