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Save Money on EDLUAR Sublingual Tablets

Instant Savings - EDLUAR Copay Reduction Program

$0 Copay* on your first fill, and no more than $20* on subsequent fills.
Insured/not covered and cash patients save up to $100 off their Edluar prescriptions*

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Bring the copay card to your pharmacist along with your Edluar prescription to receive one of the following offers:

• INSURED/COVERED: For commercially insured patients, this offer covers 100% of the copay for the first prescription dispensed (up to 30 tablets and a maximum benefit of $100). For additional fills, you may pay as little as $20 for your prescription, with a maximum benefit of $80 per fill for up to 30 tablets.

• INSURED/NOT COVERED: Should your insurance carrier not cover Edluar, you can receive up to $100 off your copay per month (up to 30 tablets).

• NON-INSURED/CASH PAY: If you don’t have pharmacy coverage, you can receive up to $100 off your out-of-pocket per month (up to 30 tablets).

*ELIGIBILITY TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Do not use this offer for any prescription covered by Medicaid,

Medicare, a Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage plan, TRICARE, CHAMPUS, Mi Salud or Medicare Platino in Puerto Rico, or any other federal or state healthcare program. The offer is only for patients 18 years or older for use of the prescription product in accordance with the product’s Prescribing Information. This program is not health insurance or a benefit plan. The cards or access numbers of this program may not be offered for sale or otherwise used in promotion for anything other than the indicated prescription product. This program may be discontinued or amended at any time, without notice.

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